about us

I am Madeline Grant, and I am the owner of Shop Alexandra Grace. In December of 2019, I dreamed of creating an outlet to share my love of fashion with the world. At the time I was a sophmore at Texas A&M and had no idea how I could make it happen! After doing months of research, and watching lots of Youtube videos I launched Shop AG in March- right before the arrival of Miss Rona! I started this business because I wanted to share my love of cute clothing at a very affordable price point. Everything we sell is, and always will be under $40, because geez no one wants to spend a fortune on cute clothes!  I strive to keep everything new, fresh and on trend, while also bringing positivity to our sometimes not so positive world! Your support means the world to me & if there is anything I can do to make your shopping experience any better please let me know!! We hope you find something that makes you feel beautiful & confident!